Alexis Anderson
Partner, Head of Digital Strategy

Alexis brings a vibrant, structured, and forward-thinking approach to her role, where she spearheads strategic digital transformations within the healthcare industry. With a specialty in providing hands-on operational leadership and support, Alexis has been instrumental in guiding organisations towards enduring growth and market success. Her agile approach and cutting-edge strategies are a testament to her commitment to recognising greater efficiency and enhances patient outcomes in healthcare. 

A fervent proponent of health equity, Alexis applies her deep expertise in patient-centricity and digital health to drive organisations forward, closing health disparities and enhancing outcomes with thoughtful, inclusive solutions. And, in her advocacy efforts, Alexis contributes her insights as an advisor to the HLTH Foundation, underscoring her dedication to the wider health community. 

Her expertise is widely recognised, making her a popular speaker at renowned industry events such as VIVE and HIMSS. At these forums, she imparts her wisdom on strategic partnerships, ‘techquity’, commercial excellence, and visions of the future of healthcare, enlightening her peers and shaping industry discourse. 

Beyond her executive endeavours, Alexis is a pioneer in education, founding the BUSPH Consulting Career Course to shape the next generation of consultants. She also lends her acumen to MedTech startups as a mentor at M2D2, advising on strategic expansion and operational scaling. 

Key Achievements: 

  • A trusted voice in health equity, driving conversations and initiatives that pave the way for more equitable healthcare services. 
  • Key architect behind the HLTH Foundation’s Techquity Coalition (& movement into ‘techquity, which is gaining widespread industry acclaim). The Coalition unites leaders from over 25 major organizations to set new industry standards in healthcare technology and equity.  
  • Orchestrated a $2.1M+ strategic patient-centric transformation initiative, focusing on integrating patient-centricity in business operations of a global pharmaceutical firm 
  • Recognised as a thought leader in digital health innovation, Alexis has authored and contributed to influential reports like ‘The Path to Techquity’, as well as a 5-part series on Innovations in Diabetes Care Technologies.  
  • A sought-after speaker at major industry events such as HIMSS and VIVE. Known for driving forward-thinking conversations and insights in digital health innovation, influencing a broad spectrum of healthcare professionals and industry leaders. 
  • Active contributor to ‘people’ leadership, exemplified by pioneering an inclusive mentorship program and founding a consulting course for Masters students. Renowned for cultivating a collaborative environment that fosters professional growth, innovation, and team synergy. 

Roles and qualifications 

  • Partner at Day One Strategy, previously Head of Patient-Driven Transformation at Ipsos Healthcare  
  • Masters in Public Health (Pharmaceutical specialty) from Boston University  

Connect with Alexis on LinkedIn 


Connect with Alexis on Linked In