Reflections on one year at Day One, by Emma Eden

At Day One, our mission is to create a company that everyone wants to work for and work with. This means putting our people first.  We continuously strive to make Day One a brilliant place to work, where people feel empowered, inspired and trusted to get on with the job. We believe that the key to unlocking growth is by creating an environment where all employees are satisfied, supported and motivated.

We sat down with Research Director Emma Eden to hear about her experiences during her first 12 months working at Day One.

Give us a bit of a background about yourself and your career

I’ve been working in Market research/Pharma insight for around 15 years. It all started after I finished my psychology degree, I wondered what I can do that will be interesting and touches on understanding people, their attitudes and behaviours; and somehow, I ended up in market research. Then I worked for several agencies in London before being transferred to New York. During the pandemic my aunt got very sick with Multiple Myeloma and so I came back to the UK and ended up staying. I was lucky enough that Day One were looking for someone just as I had decided to move back to London.

What were your expectations joining Day One?

Having already worked with Abigail, Hannah, D’Arcy and Elise in the past. I knew working with these inspiring, smart, ambitious, and caring women, could only be a good career move. I have so much respect, love and admiration for these women and feel privileged to work with them again because not only do they care about the work they do, but they also care about their staff and that we all do interesting, forward-thinking work. I also love that Day One has a focus on using tech and very clear vision for the future of the company, it’s exciting watching the company grow from strength to strength.

What do you enjoy the most about your role at Day One?

I enjoy the work we are doing at Day One, not only project work but also experimenting with new techniques and AI tools to see how we can best use them in future to gain better insights. As a more quant focused researcher I’m fascinated about using tech and analytics to gain deeper understanding beyond the rational. Capturing and understanding more about the implicit/unconscious drivers of behaviour interests me.

What are you excited about for 2023?

I’m very excited that this year we have an even greater focus on Oncology, as a disease area I am truly passionate about I would love to do even more work in this area. We have some fascinating company funded research with Oncologists using a different methodology and I’m very excited to see the outcome of this research and how we could potentially use this methodology in future. I’m also excited about building our quantitative business and trying some more new AI tools in quant.

Emma Eden, Research Director