Reena Sooch
Partner, Head of Digital Strategy

Reena brings over 16 years of expertise to changing the landscape of healthcare. Her strategic acumen has been pivotal in steering both payers, pharmaceutical and large tech companies towards the digitalisation of health (from digital therapeutics to omnichannel solutions). 

Reena works on studies which span early ideas of innovation (discovery work) to the scaling up of market presence for new healthcare solutions (product-market fit).  Reena is now immersing herself in the world of large language models (LLMs) and Generative AI, as it is the next frontier of healthcare disruption. 

With a commitment that extends beyond the boardroom, Reena harbours a deep-seated passion for the intersection of ageing and technology. Her advocacy for universal healthcare access is not just professional but personal, championing equitable healthcare practices and ensuring comprehensive care delivery for diverse populations. 

Reena’s insights resonate on the world stage. She’s a regular keynote speaker at prominent events like the Consumer Electronic Show (CES), HLTH, ViVE, Frontier’s Health and the Intelligent Health conference. Beyond the podium, she lends her visionary perspective to the advisory board for REACH—a 501(c)(3) entity dedicated to global health impact—and the Health Parliament think tank.  

Key Accomplishments: 

  • Engineered cross-industry alliances tackling the longevity challenge, shaping the future of ageing technology. 
  • Published and quoted in journals and future of health books including “The internet of healthy things” (Dr Joe Kvedar) and “Digital Health (india)” (Dr Rajendra Gupta) 
  • A sought-after speaker and influencer on global stages including CES and HLTH, driving the conversation in digital health innovation. 
  • Advisory board member and strategic advisor to REACH and Health Parliament, fostering impactful health policies and innovations. 
  • Experienced researcher with experience across qualitative and quantitative practices, including data science  
  • Reena’s blend of expertise and enthusiasm is not just reshaping healthcare delivery—it’s personalising the way we think about health and technology’s role in our future. 

Roles and qualifications 

  • Partner at Day One Strategy, previously Global Head of Digital at Ipsos 
  • BSc in Psychology  
  • Fluent in Hindi and Punjabi  

Connect with Reena on LinkedIn 

Connect with Reena on Linked In